Frimley Park

Frimley Park

Frimley Park Hospital,
Portsmouth Road,
Surrey GU16 7UJ

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152 Harley Street

152 Harley Street

152 Harley Street,

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Parkside Suite

Parkside Suite

Parkside Suite,
Frimley Park Hospital,
Portsmouth Road,
Surrey GU16 7UJ

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Spire Clare Park Hospital

Spire Clare Park Hospital

Crondall Lane,
GU10 5XX

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Frimley Park

Dermatological conditions are very, very common and their impact (which can be considerable) tends to be on quality of life and questions of appearance. Most General Practitioners are familiar with many common conditions and their treatments, hence the threshold at which referrals are made 'upwards' to seek the advice of a specialist Dermatologist vary between practices.

It should be known that if as the patient you feel that your treatment is not making progress it is perfectly reasonable for you to request your GP to make a referral to a specialist or consultant Dermatologist.

Within the NHS, all referrals to specialist services must be channelled via your GP who will make an appointment via the NHS Choose & Book system. They may be able to offer access to a choice or resources or Hospitals in your area.

Dr D'ippolito's NHS practice is based at Frimley Park Hospital near Camberley which has been rated as 'outstanding' in a recent quality assessment by CQC inspection.

The dermatology department at Frimley Park Hospital provides a broad range of services for patients with acute and chronic skin conditions.

Clinics are undertaken at Frimley Park Hospital, Aldershot Centre for Health, Farnham and Fleet hospitals and within the community.

The department runs a variety of regular specialist clinics for the following:

  • General dermatology
  • Rapid access skin cancer
  • Paediatrics
  • Contact dermatitis (patch testing)
  • Severe psoriasis
  • Vulval conditions
  • Contact Dermatitis (Patch Testing - Lead by Dr D'ippolito)
  • "One Stop" Dermatology/minor ops clinic (Lead by Dr D'ippolito)

Dr D'ippolito's NHS Secretary and contact details are:

Tracy Holliday
Tel: 01276 526269
Fax: 01276 526591

Switchboard numbers

  • Frimley Park Hospital: 01276 604604
    For inpatient inquiries: 01276 526369 or 01276 606365
  • Wexham Park Hospital: 01753 633000
  • Heatherwood Hospital: 01344 623333

Outpatient appointment bookings or cancellations

  • Frimley Park Hospital: 
    01276 604201
    01276 604202
    01276 604203
  • Wexham Park Hospital and Heatherwood Hospital:
    01344 877919 (between 8.30am and 5pm)
  • St Mark's Hospital: 01628 632012
  • Bracknell outpatients: 01344 316600
  • Chalfonts and Gerrards Cross Hospital: 01753 883821
  • King Edward VII Hospital: 01753 860441

Other useful contact details

Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS)

152 Harley Street, Parkside Suite & Spire Clare Park Hospital

Dr D'ippolito runs regular clinics in Harley Street, London based at one of the most modern and well equipped treatment centres.

152 Harley Street is a truly unique day hospital with well equipped operating theatres, treatment rooms, diagnostic facilities and specialist nursing support, all within a contemporary setting.

In Surrey, his private practice is mainly conducted at the Parkside Suite, which is the private patient facility conveniently attached to Frimley Park Hospital.

Being attached to a major hospital provides useful direct access and support from the all the departments from radiology to pathology services.


Both locations offer access to excellent diagnostic and treatment facilities.

As a private patient it is possible to refer yourself directly to a consultant such as Dr D'ippolito and make an appointment without going via your GP. However, it should be noted that if using Medical Insurance, some insurers may not cover you for self-referral or for certain treatments. So best to check.

Also, whilst all new patients are carefully evaluated, a letter of referral from your family doctor or other practitioner can be very useful in giving a backround on your treatment to date and any other relevant medical history.

Once this link is established, it is also good practice for us to keep your GP informed of treatments.

Insured Patients

If you are using private health insurance to cover your treatment, we recommend that you contact your insurer in advance to discuss your treatment. Many insurers will issue you with a 'pre-authorisation' number which enables private clinics to bill the insurer directly for the costs of consultations, diagnostic investigations and treatments. Without a pre-authorisation you may be required to pay some or all of your costs on the day.

Self-pay patients

If you do not have private medical insurance many people simply self-fund their treatment. Private consultations and many procedures are quite affordable and sometimes the speed and convenience of private treatment makes it the preferred option.

We have listed some guide prices for consultations and typical treatments and procedures. For patients requiring more complex treatment, perhaps involving a hospital stay, it is often possible for the clinics to create a 'package' price that covers every aspect of the treatment.

In most cases, self funding patients simply settle charges on the day of treatment via credit card, or pay the predicted costs or a deposit in advance. All charges, payments and deposit will be recorded on a unique account, which we create for every private patient.

If you have questions or concerns about costs, a call or email to Dr D'ippolito's private patient secretary will answer them. We are able to provide very accurate estimates of costs in advance of any consultation or treatment.

To make an appointment for a consultation, simply call or email Dr D'ippolito's secretary.

General Enquiries | 152 Harley Street
Telephone: 0203 983 0149
Fax: 020 7467 3001

Arlene McAleese
Mobile: 07809 442942

Make an appointment

Medical Secretary, Arlene McAleese
T: 0203 983 0149  
M: 07809 442942  

During the Coronavirus outbreak I will be offering face to face and remote consultations